Components is a technological platform built on two different systems:

  • An application installed in the mobile device that sends to a web server the GPS locations it is at, and receives notifications from the server, if any. (more details)
  • A web site for management and monitoring where users with proper credentials may check the data sent by those mobile devices, set up alerts on them or notify updates. This system will typically be used by company managers or children parents. (more details)


Communiction between the two previously explained systems is mandatory for the platform to be usefull. These are the two ways to communicate both systems:

  • Real-time communication (synchronous):
    Instant communication relies on continous data transfer. The mobile application sends to the server the positioning data at the same moment it records it. This kind of communication is the one that offers best performance, but it needs the mobile device to have Internet access at all times (in most cases that connection to Internet will need of 3G data transfer services or wireless networks .
  • Delayed communication (asynchronous):
    When the mobile device cannot send the location data due to a lack of Internet access, it stores the data locally, until Internet access is available again. Whenever this happens, all stored locations are sent at once and can be viewed at the web site.

To start discovering the advantages of ndonde platform it is neccesary to follow a few simple steps listed below:

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