ndonde.com is a new tracking platform for GPS enabled mobile devices. It can help you to keep track of people, animals or vehicles just like spies or great corporations do.

Residential users

Our platform is simple, and free. You just need a mobile phone with a compatible GPS. You will have basic position tracking functionality free for ever.

Keep track of children or elderly people you take care of without extra expenses, apart from your mobile phone's data connection fee (3G or wi-fi) which depend on your service provider.

It will also be useful for you if you lose your device or if is stolen, because most devices will keep sending tracking information even if used by other people (with their own SIM card).

To read full explanation on our platform, please visit our how it works section.

Business users

If you want to keep track of your employees working away from the office: sales, technitians, delivery men, etc. you just have to give them a company mobile device with our application installed.

That is all, you will also get free real time GPS tracking for all you mobile devices and, optionally, you will have a track log and position based alerts (email and SMS) for a tiny monthly fee.

Please check how tiny are our fees.

Don't hesitate and test it for free.

To understand the way this platform works and discover how it can help you on your everyday life, please check our what is it for section.