Nowadays it is quite common to have a mobile phone, and many of them include their own GPS hardware and are capable to run external applications. Although most common device will be mobile phones, any other compatible device may also take advange of our platform. We must take into account most people carry a mobile phone all the time, so we think is the simplest way to grow on services not bothering users. is a real time positioning system, that can even store track logs and raise alerts based on GPS location conditions. Let's see what use we might have for each of those features:

  • Real-time positioning

    This platform works sending GPS data coordinates to a central web server on a regular basis. Accessing the web server at any moment from a web browser, it is possible to know any phone's last known location.

    Of course, all the gathered data is stored secure and private, and only authorised users can access it.

    This information might be very useful to find lost children or elderly people, to decide which of your employees is closer to a customer who needs assistance from your company, to place in a map your company's vehicles and check empty areas, etc.

  • Track logging

    Previous data is very useful, but it relies on permanent internet connection from a mobile device and constant control on the website.

    Another way to check proficiency of salesmen, drivers or technitians is to analyze their work after it has been completed, comparing two different days and/or employees. Such an analysis might help to detect unplanned stops or strange delays, or to decide which of two salesmen covers a larger area on a day of work. It might even save lives if a driver doesn't rest according the law.

  • Position based alerts

    The third feature is a side effect of real-time positioning: raise alert notifications when a mobile is to far or to near a predefined area. Those notifications might be sent by email or by short message (SMS).

    This feature let's you get a SMS message when you son is more than 1km away from his school, or if one of your technitians is more than 50km away from their working area.

    Another way to take advantage of this feature is to send notifications when a delivery truck has reached its destinations, just by defining an alert area at the destination location.

The possible uses of a platform like this one are unlimited, at work and in every day life.
Most probably, while you were reading this lines you have thought of a couple of circumstances you could give a good use to a system like this one ...

Don't wait any longer! You can start to use it now..