Ndonde.com offers a basic free service for anyone interested on the features of our platform. Downloading, installing and using the mobile application is completely free, and any registered user can use the only platform to control as many mobile devices as desired.

Nevertheless, if the user for our platform is for a business, you might miss some of the Premium features. Compare the differences between both services on the following table:

  Basic Service Premium Service
View last know GPS position
View full tracks  
View track log  
Register and view pictures taken as evidence  
Alert notification for unauthorised access to forbidden areas  
Delivery of free internal messages (mobile must have internet access, not available on all mobile platforms)

Premium Fees

Our fees are tiny, because we think a full featured GPS tracking system should be affordable for everyone. We make it simple:

Mobile device monthly fee: 5€ / month

If your company wishes to use our platform on a large amount of mobile devices, please contact us applying for volumen discounts.

SMS alerts cost

Email alert notifications are free, but if you want to send SMS alert notifications, this service costs 0,12€/message. To use this feature you must load (in advance) any amount of money you want, and the system will substract the cost of any delivered SMS message from it.